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Capitán Mantequilla Capitán Mantequilla

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That was funny!

I was cracking up in that movie "your a bunny"... "is that rabbit?"... "it needs hotsauce". And the music was done sooooo well. Good work. Great voices, nice story.

Klonoa Anime Intro Klonoa Anime Intro

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You could make something great one day

Looking at all your submitted animations a few things are clear:
a)Your a great artist, with great vision and an eye of cinematic effect
b)Your animation skills at the moment show inexperience
c)your keen on Sonic Team characters!

The best thing for you to do, is to watch as much web animation as possible and have a look at how other animators pull things off and also heres a tip from me - up frame rate to about 28-30 frames per second, I'll leave you to figure out why. Despite this your work is pretty good for someone who has jsut started using flash!

ElsonWong-Darkspeeds responds:

Thank you PencilSketch for your positive and constructive feedback. I really appreciate your time writing something that helps me in the long-run.

I should check you out next time. *thumbs up*

I will take into consideration of your suggestions. I'm most intrigued to discover the benefits of having 28-30 fps on flash. It's obvious that the more fps the better the quality but you gotta take into consideration of the time costs as well.

So once again thank you for sharing me you insight.

Supa Go-Go Man 3: Part 1 Supa Go-Go Man 3: Part 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Your Flash is sooooo cool. The plot is simple but effective and Supa GO GO Man is funny, His stupid clever balance is on the button. You should continue this. Some criticism - improve the graphics, the style is cool, but the animation doesnt seem to flow in some shots as well as it does in others. Also after all the NIntendo theme musics Ive been hearing in this seriees I was disapointed to see GoGo has a PS2 rater htan a gamecube, or even a nintendo64. Great Series.